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Thank F****** God It's Friday!

A podcast for 90s kids by 90s kids, recapping episodes of a different TV show from the best decade every Friday. Join hosts Drew Tocco and Katie Parker as they discuss everything from SNICK to Must-See TV and, of course, TGIF.

Sep 25, 2020

Which 90s show tried to completely normalize hallucinations and rampant misogyny? You guessed it: Ally McBeal! And this week Katie is back with another guest who just happens to be an expert on the subject: Laura-Jane from Bygones, the one and only Ally McBeal rewatch podcast. Listen as they have a long discussion about the show as a whole before getting into season 1's "Cro-Magnon" and the season 3 tear-jerker "Boy Next Door."


Find Laura-Jane and Bygones: The Ally McBeal Podcast wherever you like to listen, and on Twitter (@BygonesPodcast) and Instagram (@bygonespod).



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